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About me

Age:                            26

Gender:                      Male

Industry:                     Writer, entrepreneur  and public speaker

Location:                  Johannesburg

Links:                (password is SAyouth)

Location:                  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Books written:          Message to a Blackman in Africa

Publisher:                 WDA publishers


I'm an activist, philosopher, public speaker whom subscribes to Garveyism - Marcus Garvey's Pan African Philosophies.   I'm 26, was born in a rural village at the side of Kruger National
Park, South Africa. Was born in a Royal family of Maphindani of the Mdluli clan. I was born with three of my only brothers by a Pastor who
have been a former struggle Veteran and a mother whom was a former Slave of the Ooisthuizen family in Pietersburg in the 60's. I grew up
doing debates at school and was interested in so doing while at home I was taught a strong moral conduct and socially structured behaviour by
both My loving parents. I now live In Johannesburg, South Africa. I started my writing career when I was 18 through poems and the unpublished book titled: The weapon of life. At
the same age I also fell in love with watching Martin Luther king Jr.', Steve Biko and Malcolm X's videos on net and also to read Auto
biographies of Che Guevara, Marcus Garvey, Karl Marx, John Locke, Stanley Cohen etc.. And because I grew up in a community which I felt
was and still is irresponsible (South Africa) I then took my time to understand what being a Human is. The book titled Message to a
Blackman in Africa took me 3 years of questioning the society I live in and another three years to write. It comes after a journey of
self-discovery and public consciousness. I'm one who believes that there are no Black or White people but rather Africans and Caucasians.

Interest:                    Pan African Ideologies, Marxism, Garveyism, Malcolm Xism.

Music:                        Hugh Masekela, Tupac, Miriam Makeba, Spokes H, Brenda, Immortal Tech.

Movies:                     The Vernon Johnson Story; Claudine; Panther; The Words; Great Debaters; Last Holiday; The Sounder; Skin; Coming to America; Love Jones.

Hobbies:                   Watching Malcolm X videos; Playing Video games; Writing, Public speaking.

Religion:                    Christianity

Favourite Quotes:      "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you will keep on being what you've always been, and nothing change unless you make it change" [Samuel L Jackson, The Movie - The Samaritan].

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed" - Steve Biko.

Influences:                 Malcolm X; Martin Luther King Jr. Steve Biko; Karl Marx; Dr Claude Anderson; Nkwame Nkrumah; Thabo Mbeki; Muamar Al- Ghadaffi; The kid President; My mother.